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Infa Red Thermometer- Model 8889

Product Description
$180.00 + GST = $198.00

Infa Red Thermometer- Model 8889
This gun style unit has inbuilt laser sight. The laser can be turned off from the keypad to prolong battery life and prevent nuisance people targeting. This unit has many features and is our newest IR thermometer. Complete with a manual and safety wrist strap.
Wide range of -40 C up to + 500 C. Displays temperature to 0.1 C . Adjustable ES in 3 steps for the best accuracy on different materials. Meets food standard requirements of +- 1 C between 0 and +10 C. Suitable for Food or industrial uses. Fastest and cleanest way to measure temperature.
Brand : HLP
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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